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Getting Life Back to Normal . . . One Vaccination at a Time!

VAXSYS Technologies, Inc. introduces the VAXSYS System: a COVID-19 vaccination registration and authentication service. Once an effective Covid vaccine becomes available, the VAXSYS System will register and authenticate individuals going forward.

But vaccinations are only the first step in eradicating COVID-19. Until more than 75% of the population has been protected, both private and public sectors will rely on VAXSYS to anonymously and accurately determine whether or not an individual has been vaccinated.

Implementation of the VAXSYS System by private and public sectors will allow businesses, schools and venues to re-open safely and securely; and, in time, we will re-gain our ability to confidently interact with one another, face to face, in public spaces.

VAXSYS - Technology Partners

Creating the VAXSYS System for national COVID-19 vaccination registration and verification, VAXSYS Technologies has integrated key leading-edge technologies from its founding industry partners, Iris ID Systems and Gen2Wave.

Iris Authentication . . read more

The VAXSYS System uses iris data, collected at the time of vaccination via a non-invasive, 'contact-less' scan to create a new VAXSYS account, and store and update vaccination history and status.

Mobile Biometrics . . read more

For VAXSYS on-site identity authentication, system enrollment and profile updating, the RP70A BIO is invaluable; with its 'contact-less' iris scan and on-board arsenal of biometric hardware and software technologies.

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