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VAXSYS Durable Smart Health Card System

VAXSYS Universal Vaccination Card System

The VAXSYS System utilizes the VAXSYS Universal Android Enroller and Screener Apps, pre-loaded on Zebra TC52X-HC Mobile Computers, to capture all vital vaccination data, and the Zebra ZC530 Mobile Card Printers to print and issue legible and secure vaccine credentials on durable PVC cards. Every secure PVC credential card created by the VAXSYS System contains an encrypted and tamper-resistant 2D barcode and UV light readable watermark, to provide secure, fast, accurate, and easy screening of vaccination status. Click below for detailed system specifications.

From Industry Partners

VAXSYS Technologies has partnered with Barcodes, Inc., North America’s leading provider of barcode and mobile RFID products, and with Zebra Technologies, a world leader in data management, to jointly develop and deploy the VAXSYS Universal Durable Vaccination Card System.

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VAXSYS® Technologies, Inc. provides an end-to-end system for securely and anonymously determining if individuals have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Using the latest authentication technologies at points of vaccination and public entry, the VAXSYS System allows businesses, schools and buildings to open safely and securely - enabling our ability to again interact in public spaces.

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Planning to integrate COVID-19 screening into your government, commercial, educational or public-facing venue? Look to VAXSYS to provide all of the tools necessary.

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